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Back in the poetry saddle again!


She’s back in the saddle again… holding her paper and pen…

Yes. It’s been awhile. I’ve been slacking a little, what with the holiday and, you know… LIFE.

But, where I have not been working on poetry as much, I have been doing some other things. I was in the annual Doo-Day Parade with the Fishnet Mafia, the Columbus, Ohio Rocky Horror Shadowcast Troupe. The Mister was even in the parade. He was Brad while I was corseted up and Time Warping and getting sunburned. And, yes… here are the pictures (because we all know that it didn’t happen unless there are pictures. )


My mister as Brad.


No. Really. Stop looking at my butt.


The Mafia getting ready for the parade.

The parade was a blast! Time Warping non-stop in 100 degree heat tends to wear a person out, though. But we sucked it up; we’re kinda awesome, that way.

This past weekend was also our monthly show. I played Dr. Scott. It was the first time I’d seen Studio 35 since the renovations. Quite a nice place, and they had an awesome picture/poster of RHPS. Of course, I had to get a picture.


And I tied my own tie, too, last night. Like a boss.

So, the moral of this story: It’s okay to take a little break, and, you know, live a little. I love my shadowcasting activities. They are a different way for me to express myself and perform. I also think that doing this has made me a better poet by helping me be more unafraid to try new things and more comfortable around groups of people. I mean, if I can handle wearing a corset in front of thousands of people in downtown Columbus, I can handle a room full of poetry buffs.

So, back to poetry. I have been working on a rough draft of a piece. Tough piece, one that I didn’t think I would need to write… but sometimes you just have to. I did, also, submit work to Appalachian Heritage quarterly journal out of Berea College in Kentucky. I would love to eventually publish a book on my southern-ness. I have quite a few pieces, so there’s hope. Hopefully, AH will accept my work. My finger’s are crossed.