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Drawing a Blank


It’s been difficult since the end of NaPoWriMo. 30 poems in 30 days, and now, nothing. I’ve done some editing and submitting, but I miss creating something new. I know what they say: Write every day, even if it’s garbage… it’s just that I don’t even have garbage in me, right now.

I’ve been reading. I’m working through Ruth Awad’s Set Music to a Wildfire, and Terri Ellen Cross Davis’ Haint. I picked up both from this year’s Ohioana Book Festival, and I’m happy I did. Both of these women have created some amazing work. They are very different styles of writing, but both done incredibly well. I highly recomment picking up both of them.

Busy Poet Was Busy This Past Weekend.

Busy Poet Was Busy This Past Weekend.

This poet is tired, y’all. My husband and I did some travelling this past weekend.

Friday, we went to Canton and performed for Writing Knights, the  publishing company of three of my books. The editor, Azriel, runs a couple of different shows in the area, and it’s always a pleasure to stop up that way and perform.

Here’s a photo from that event:


Saturday was a blessed day of rest, though the hubs and I did enjoy an afternoon at the Oddities and Curiositites Expo in Columbus. It was most definitely odd and curious.

Sunday took us all the way to Toledo for Uncloisetered Poetry. It was my first time there at that particular event, and I admit, I was nervous about this performance. I had an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in six years that was going to be there. I had two new friends who I had yet to meet who were going to be there. Couple that with the fact that one of that couple, Stuart,  is a professional comedian/ performer and his wife, Shirley, is a successful writer on her own, and my nerves were on edge. All I could do was put together my strongest set possible, take a breath, and do my thing.

And do it, I did.

I was incredibly proud of this performance. I performed pieces from I Speak Hick  and  Fully Formed. I really enjoyed performing pieces from both of these books, though, I do admit, the pieces from I Speak Hick lend themselves better to performance. I really let loose during my set, and the audience really seemed to be into it.

The crowning moment, though? When the professional performer and writer complimented me on how tight my writing is. I damn near wanted to cry. That is always something I worry about as a poet. It was nice to hear those kind words come from them. I’ll carry that with me for a good, long, time.

Here are a couple of pictures from Uncloistered Poetry:


After this past weekend, I thought my May was over. I was fully intent on preparing for Columbus Arts Festival in June. My, oh, my, how things change. I received a message from a show I’ve been hoping to feature at for quite some time, asking me if I’d fill in as feature on the 29th. So, it looks like I’ll be road-tripping to Cincinnati to perform at Word Is Mouth. I’m excited for the new show and seeing a whole slew of new poets.

This little poet is tired, but I’ll not have it any other way.


Weekend Events!


My performance season begins in earnest this weekend. On Firday, I’ll be in Canton, Ohio for Take the Night Off  at 135 6th St NW. I’ll be performing with Jason Blakely and Barbara Sabol.

Here is the facebook event page.

On Sunday, I’ll be in Toledo at Calvino’s Restaurant and Wine Bar at 3143 W Central Ave. I’ll be performing with Christina Brooks, Craig Firsdon, Matthew Haines, Kay Renee, and Matthew Sradeja.

Here is the facebook event page for Sunday.

I’m excited to see everyone this weekend. I’ll be visiting old friends and new friends.  Now, if I can just keep these silly allergies at bay.


Rejection… and an opened door


I recieved a(nother) rejection email last night. No biggie, I’m used to it. They did open the door to discussing my work in further detail. Would I take them up on that offer?

Damn right, I would.

It’s so rare to find a publisher who is willing to give personalized feedback on your work. I’m absolutely going to avail myself to the opportunity to make my work better and possibly get published with them.

I’m getting downright serious with these publishers. If they want something changed, I’ll change it. If they open the door for giving feedback, I’ll take the feedback. I have worked my way into getting two submissions published by listening to what an editor wanted. I got published by asking whether I can submit again with edits. I got published because I communicated.

It never hurts to ask an editior for feedback if they open the door. You just might get the feedback you need to find that poem a home. 

My current reading stack…


I keep an ever-growing stack of poetry and essay books on my coffee table. I try to look over one or two of them a day. It keeps me interested.

The stack as it stands, right now:

  • Call Her by Her Name: Bianca Lynne Spriggs
  • Southern Poetry Review
  • Haint: Teri Ellen Cross Davis
  • They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us: Hanif Abdurraqib
  • Set to Music a Wildfire: Ruth Awad
  • Not for Art Nor Prayer: Darren C. Demarcus
  • Common Threads 2017
  • Pablo Neruda: Selected Poems
  • De/Composition: W.D. Snodgrass
  • Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg
  • The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry
  • Fire in the Sea

I try to get a few pages in a night. I don’t buzz through a bunch at once. I let the words sit with me and try to understand the artistry. As soon as I finish a book, I’ll add another to the pile. It keeps my reading life interesting, to say the least.

Alexis-Rueal is Up and Running!


Book collection

Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers! After a couple of year hiatus, I have decided to bring the blog back up. Here, you will find out about work that is getting published as well as any performance or video information. There might be a photo or two of the goldendoodle interspersed throughout.

I’ll update my performance schedule monthly.  I’ll add any work accepted for publication as they are published.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and I’ll catch you later!