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Performances and upcoming schedule (oh, and WHY CAN’T I WRITE?!?)


It’s been a busy time of it these past couple of months. Many performances in the books, and I still have a couple of more coming up.

On May 29th, I had the privilege of performing in Cincinnati at Word of Mouth. Mark Flannigan puts on a heck of a show. The crowd was very welcoming and I felt really good on stage. I performed from I Speak Hick, and Fully Formed. 


This past weekend, I was honored to perform at the Columbus Arts Festival at the Word is Art stage. I performed a couple of pieces from Fully Formed, and a lot of new work from 2018’s 30/30 in April. Besides the heat, it was a really great show. There were a lot of wonderful poets performing, and it was an all-women lineup. That doesn’t happen too often. I was proud to be a part of that.


And now I’m on break until later this month when I’ll be performing at Comfest (Community Festival) on June 23rd. That’s always a fun show, and the poetry is very good.  In July, I head to Akron to perform, and then I’m off for a few months. Maybe between now and some of these other performances I can actually get something written.

I haven’t written more than two poems since the end of National Poetry Month. I feel rather pathetic about that. I have not one ounce of imagination, right now. I know, I know… Write every day! you say. I get that. I even tried that, but all that came out was I dont’ know what to write, I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to write.  Guess what? I don’t know what to write and it hurts. I’m reading, listening to music, fitting in my jogging and working out, and … nothing. That blinking cursor against the white field of possibility mocks me. I don’t know what is possible, right now. I hope I figure it out soon.

Busy Poet Was Busy This Past Weekend.

Busy Poet Was Busy This Past Weekend.

This poet is tired, y’all. My husband and I did some travelling this past weekend.

Friday, we went to Canton and performed for Writing Knights, the  publishing company of three of my books. The editor, Azriel, runs a couple of different shows in the area, and it’s always a pleasure to stop up that way and perform.

Here’s a photo from that event:


Saturday was a blessed day of rest, though the hubs and I did enjoy an afternoon at the Oddities and Curiositites Expo in Columbus. It was most definitely odd and curious.

Sunday took us all the way to Toledo for Uncloisetered Poetry. It was my first time there at that particular event, and I admit, I was nervous about this performance. I had an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in six years that was going to be there. I had two new friends who I had yet to meet who were going to be there. Couple that with the fact that one of that couple, Stuart,  is a professional comedian/ performer and his wife, Shirley, is a successful writer on her own, and my nerves were on edge. All I could do was put together my strongest set possible, take a breath, and do my thing.

And do it, I did.

I was incredibly proud of this performance. I performed pieces from I Speak Hick  and  Fully Formed. I really enjoyed performing pieces from both of these books, though, I do admit, the pieces from I Speak Hick lend themselves better to performance. I really let loose during my set, and the audience really seemed to be into it.

The crowning moment, though? When the professional performer and writer complimented me on how tight my writing is. I damn near wanted to cry. That is always something I worry about as a poet. It was nice to hear those kind words come from them. I’ll carry that with me for a good, long, time.

Here are a couple of pictures from Uncloistered Poetry:


After this past weekend, I thought my May was over. I was fully intent on preparing for Columbus Arts Festival in June. My, oh, my, how things change. I received a message from a show I’ve been hoping to feature at for quite some time, asking me if I’d fill in as feature on the 29th. So, it looks like I’ll be road-tripping to Cincinnati to perform at Word Is Mouth. I’m excited for the new show and seeing a whole slew of new poets.

This little poet is tired, but I’ll not have it any other way.


Rejection… and an opened door


I recieved a(nother) rejection email last night. No biggie, I’m used to it. They did open the door to discussing my work in further detail. Would I take them up on that offer?

Damn right, I would.

It’s so rare to find a publisher who is willing to give personalized feedback on your work. I’m absolutely going to avail myself to the opportunity to make my work better and possibly get published with them.

I’m getting downright serious with these publishers. If they want something changed, I’ll change it. If they open the door for giving feedback, I’ll take the feedback. I have worked my way into getting two submissions published by listening to what an editor wanted. I got published by asking whether I can submit again with edits. I got published because I communicated.

It never hurts to ask an editior for feedback if they open the door. You just might get the feedback you need to find that poem a home. 

Alexis-Rueal is Up and Running!


Book collection

Hello Poets and Poetry Lovers! After a couple of year hiatus, I have decided to bring the blog back up. Here, you will find out about work that is getting published as well as any performance or video information. There might be a photo or two of the goldendoodle interspersed throughout.

I’ll update my performance schedule monthly.  I’ll add any work accepted for publication as they are published.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and I’ll catch you later!

Links to my published and soon to be published works


It took some digging, but I finally found all the links to my work, both online and in print. My very first piece in All Things Girl didn’t pull up, so there’s that. I do have information on the rest, though.

“The Fairytale is Over” Rose and Thorn Journal Spring 2011

“Meet Me in the Middle” Vagina:: The Zine March 2012

“Statue” New Verse News July 19, 2012

“A Sidewalk in Need of a Day Off” and “Weight” Loch Raven Review Fall 2012

And in print or soon to be printed:

“And at the End of the World”  Buzzkill: Apocalypse- An End of the World Anthology, Nightballet Press

“Summer Afternoon” — Hot Summer Nights  by Inner Child Press

“House Tour” — Some Weird Sin Literary Magazine  ( You can buy a hard copy or read it online)

And my first chapbook, “Letter to 20”— published by Poet’s Haven Press. The price is $6.00 and you have the choice of 4 cover colors. They are taking pre-orders, now, and the book will be released on February 1, 2013


As  more things get published, I’ll keep you posted.

Publishing Updates


Yes, it’s been a little while. I haven’t forgotten you, dear readers; I’ve just been pushing through some new poetry, getting ready for the Midnight Shift’s performance of “Army of Darkness”  and submitting some work. Speaking of which…

I found out on Monday that my poem “Summer Afternoon” will be published in an anthology next month. The book is called “Hot Summer Nights,” by Inner Child Press. It was a happy surprise to find out it was included. Some feisty work is in this… I hope you enjoy.

I’m still working on getting something accepted by a university press. I had hope for the Cleveland Review, but alas, another rejection letter. Still holding out hope for Appalachia Heritage out of Berea college, though. Submitted one of my favorite Southern themed pieces. My fingers are crossed.

Also submitted to New Verse News, again. I’ve been reading about the tragedy/travesty that is the Penn State scandal and have become interested in the fate of the JoPa statue. It’s even become a topic of debate with my friends– some of whom want it taken down, and others who say leave it up, but maybe put a plaque there talking about the Sandusky case. I agree with the latter, and my poem explains why. If it’s published, I’ll post a link. If it’s rejected, I’ll post the damn thing here. Either way, it WILL see the light of day.

Back in the poetry saddle again!


She’s back in the saddle again… holding her paper and pen…

Yes. It’s been awhile. I’ve been slacking a little, what with the holiday and, you know… LIFE.

But, where I have not been working on poetry as much, I have been doing some other things. I was in the annual Doo-Day Parade with the Fishnet Mafia, the Columbus, Ohio Rocky Horror Shadowcast Troupe. The Mister was even in the parade. He was Brad while I was corseted up and Time Warping and getting sunburned. And, yes… here are the pictures (because we all know that it didn’t happen unless there are pictures. )


My mister as Brad.


No. Really. Stop looking at my butt.


The Mafia getting ready for the parade.

The parade was a blast! Time Warping non-stop in 100 degree heat tends to wear a person out, though. But we sucked it up; we’re kinda awesome, that way.

This past weekend was also our monthly show. I played Dr. Scott. It was the first time I’d seen Studio 35 since the renovations. Quite a nice place, and they had an awesome picture/poster of RHPS. Of course, I had to get a picture.


And I tied my own tie, too, last night. Like a boss.

So, the moral of this story: It’s okay to take a little break, and, you know, live a little. I love my shadowcasting activities. They are a different way for me to express myself and perform. I also think that doing this has made me a better poet by helping me be more unafraid to try new things and more comfortable around groups of people. I mean, if I can handle wearing a corset in front of thousands of people in downtown Columbus, I can handle a room full of poetry buffs.

So, back to poetry. I have been working on a rough draft of a piece. Tough piece, one that I didn’t think I would need to write… but sometimes you just have to. I did, also, submit work to Appalachian Heritage quarterly journal out of Berea College in Kentucky. I would love to eventually publish a book on my southern-ness. I have quite a few pieces, so there’s hope. Hopefully, AH will accept my work. My finger’s are crossed.


Information on an Anthology I’ve been published in

“Buzzkill: An End of the World Anthology” from NightBallet Press has just been published. I’m published in this along with my friend Ed Plunkett and others. As the title states, all of the pieces (art, fiction, poetry) discuss various aspects of the end of the world. The title of my piece is “And At the End of the World.” Ed’s piece is called “The Luckiest Ones.”

Information on ordering is on the website.

Many thanks to NightBallet Press and its editor, Dianne Borsenik.

First iWPS slam of the season, crocheting and back to shadowcast love…


Well, the first slam of iWPS season was put in the books last week. There were seven of us performing. I drew fourth slot, which I was fine with. My three minute piece was called “Where I Come From,” talking about my moves when I was little. A good piece… one I had been wanting to write for quite a few years. It ended up with a 28.3. Scored me for fourth for the round. My friend, Ed, gave a rousing poem about the insane sex scene from the worst poet movie ever, “Street Poet,” He ended up in the lead after round one.

The second, two minute round, had me changing my pieces around. I opted for one of my more popular pieces, “The Mammary Way.” (yes… it’s about THOSE)  Ended up with a 28.7 for that one. I was quite satisfied with two 28+ scores. There were a lot of 29s given to the other poets, and Ed ended up winning the night (his first win since ’09) and Rose came in second (that woman can spin straw into gold). I ended up third. We all received points toward the Grand Slam to see who is representing Writer’s Block at iWPS.

I was surprised with the result. I’ve never scored points so early in a season. Rose said she’s seeing more confidence in me. To be honest, I feel more confident. I trust my stories and  performances more. Feels pretty good.

After that, though, I took a break. Wrote one poem about my name and worked on my crochet. I’m creating a new doily for my side table. I want to eventually make a runner for the coffee table, but I’ll be happy with the smaller doily, right now. It’s been fun getting back into the swing of crochet. It’s good to have a couple of different creative outlets– keeps the mind sharp.

Here’s a picture of the piece in progress…


I still have a border to figure out, but I think I know where I want to go with this. And, no, I don’t use a pattern. I rarely use patterns for doilies, anymore. I enjoy the problem solving aspects of creating a new pattern.

And, as if my life isn’t crazy enough, I’m back to shadowcasting, now. Sunday is the first rehearsal for The Midnight Shift’s performance of “Army of Darkness.” I’ll be playing Evil Sheila. I even convinced the mister to play a deadite. Fun times.

So, yeah… that’s me this past week. Going to see Jon Sands perform at WB tomorrow… and hopefully get inspired for some new pieces for next week’s slam. We’ll see what happens.

Columbus Arts Fest and the after effects… (pt. 1)


Part one of my recap of Columbus Arts Fest and my recuperation/ thoughts on the future…

It took me a couple of days to get over the beauty that was Columbus Arts Fest down at the Riverfront. It was my first time really visiting and getting to know the area. They’ve finished a couple of new parks, walking areas, a new stage– all of which are beautiful. And I got to be a part of it all.

If you don’t know much about CAF, it has a slew of artists, musicians, and yes, poets from across the nation (though, to be specific, the poets were all Ohio). There is almost every art form imaginable on display and for sale, and it is a wonderful way to get a taste of the Columbus art scene. The mister and I bought our first piece of art together– a print from an artist named Sooro Kim. The picture on his artist info page is the print we bought. It hangs next to our front door. now.

The Ohio Magazine Word Is Art Stage was at the entrance to the Festival. We got people coming and going, and it was great. People would turn their heads, stop and listen as the poets were performing. One of the volunteers told me that during my piece “Her Hips,” the people would keep turning as I repeated the phrase throughout the performance. He asked, “what is it about hips?” I could have gone on FOR YEARS.

The performances that I saw… amazing. I didn’t catch many because my mister and I wanted to do a little walking and exploring. Bless my mister; he enjoys poetry performances,  but he needs a break, periodically. I work with him.

But back to the performances:

The second runner-up, Rose Smith enthralled the audience. She has a masterful way of telling a story, describing a scene, and, honestly, I could listen to her all day long. The winner of the Arts Fest competition, Joanna Schroeder, amazed. She has a very unique take on the world, and it is reflected in her poetry. She also has a commanding stage presence, and it showed. I was impressed, indeed.

My performance? I enjoyed myself, from my signature piece “They Called Me,” to my newer formed pieces such as my Ghazal “Tonight” and “Her Hips,” I tried to give them every spark I had. It felt good. My mister said I had a very good command of the stage during my feature, which pleased me to no extent. That was my first major feature, and I wanted to have a nice ebb and flow to it.

The nicest thing about the performance, quite a few people I truly care about were there. Ed and Scott were running the stage– and Ed introduced me, which was a very nice moment. He and his wife were two of my first friends I made when I started going to Writer’s Block. They both mean a lot to me.

And, besides my mister, MY BROTHER showed up. I had never before performed in front of blood relatives. That really meant a lot to be able to see him and his friend in the audience. And he recorded it… I STILL need to get that video.

Anyway, here is a photo of myself, Rose and Joanna. I had to make sure I got a picture of the three of us together. Such a good memory to keep.


From left to right: Rose, Joanna and myself.

After the features, there was a Slam hosted by Scott (Woods, awesome poet… former President of Poetry Slam, Inc.). Myself and three gents. It was all in good fun and featured two rounds of poetry and a haiku round. The audience scored. And there were some interesting scores. I ended up last. A big, teddy bear of a poet, Brandon, won the night. It was well earned, and a lot of fun.

Sunday, I performed three pieces with The Secrets of Oshun. My friends, Vernell, Izetta and Tiffani are members of the group, and all had great performances throughout the hour. It was a good cap to the weekend.

To be continued…