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A Viking Funeral for my Poetry Binder


Oh, I wish… after last night’s slam, I was ready to set it ablaze and chuck it in the pond out back of our house. Finished dead last (again). Finished behind a guy with a six point time penalty, if that gives you any idea of how badly I sucked the life out of the room.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t have my heart into it. I haven’t felt like performing for awhile, now, and I slammed BECAUSE I didn’t feel like it. That seems to be the time when you need to get up and face the apathy the most. Didn’t work., though; and– might as well be honest– the poetry sucked. It was “So what” poetry. I didn’t think it was… I hoped that it wasn’t, but it was.

And that is where I am having problems.

In slams, it is rare that I connect with an audience. I’m a short, chubby, Southern woman who hates following trends (remind me to tell you about my intense hatred of “The Hunger Games”). It’s tough to create work to which people relate. I see other poets get up there and have people eating out of their hands, and I could weep. I can rarely bring the humor and the utter pathos that seem to grab the audience and keep them enthralled. I’m trying, though. Reading, watching YouTube performances, going to see poets as much as I can. But what moves me is not the same as others, and I don’t know how to make it beautiful for them.

That’s not to say I haven’t, though. There are a very special few pieces that I have written that connected. I have to try to remember how I did that.

I’m not going to quit, though. I’ll keep turning out crap; and maybe, just maybe, there will be a few diamonds come from them… or at least some semi-precious stones worth of poetry.

Published in “The New Verse News”


I told you yesterday that I would post a link if my poem, Statue  was published by The New Verse News.  Well, lo and behold, it has been. I have to admit, this was a goal of mine. I have read NVN for quite awhile, submitted to them, and been rejected by them. They publish very good poetry, and some very good friends of mine have been included on their site. It was a lovely thing to learn that my piece will be included.

I’m feeling stronger, poem by poem, and I can see it reflected in what I write. There is so much still to learn, though. That’s the lovely thing about art… you can never learn enough.

Publishing Updates


Yes, it’s been a little while. I haven’t forgotten you, dear readers; I’ve just been pushing through some new poetry, getting ready for the Midnight Shift’s performance of “Army of Darkness”  and submitting some work. Speaking of which…

I found out on Monday that my poem “Summer Afternoon” will be published in an anthology next month. The book is called “Hot Summer Nights,” by Inner Child Press. It was a happy surprise to find out it was included. Some feisty work is in this… I hope you enjoy.

I’m still working on getting something accepted by a university press. I had hope for the Cleveland Review, but alas, another rejection letter. Still holding out hope for Appalachia Heritage out of Berea college, though. Submitted one of my favorite Southern themed pieces. My fingers are crossed.

Also submitted to New Verse News, again. I’ve been reading about the tragedy/travesty that is the Penn State scandal and have become interested in the fate of the JoPa statue. It’s even become a topic of debate with my friends– some of whom want it taken down, and others who say leave it up, but maybe put a plaque there talking about the Sandusky case. I agree with the latter, and my poem explains why. If it’s published, I’ll post a link. If it’s rejected, I’ll post the damn thing here. Either way, it WILL see the light of day.

Back in the poetry saddle again!


She’s back in the saddle again… holding her paper and pen…

Yes. It’s been awhile. I’ve been slacking a little, what with the holiday and, you know… LIFE.

But, where I have not been working on poetry as much, I have been doing some other things. I was in the annual Doo-Day Parade with the Fishnet Mafia, the Columbus, Ohio Rocky Horror Shadowcast Troupe. The Mister was even in the parade. He was Brad while I was corseted up and Time Warping and getting sunburned. And, yes… here are the pictures (because we all know that it didn’t happen unless there are pictures. )


My mister as Brad.


No. Really. Stop looking at my butt.


The Mafia getting ready for the parade.

The parade was a blast! Time Warping non-stop in 100 degree heat tends to wear a person out, though. But we sucked it up; we’re kinda awesome, that way.

This past weekend was also our monthly show. I played Dr. Scott. It was the first time I’d seen Studio 35 since the renovations. Quite a nice place, and they had an awesome picture/poster of RHPS. Of course, I had to get a picture.


And I tied my own tie, too, last night. Like a boss.

So, the moral of this story: It’s okay to take a little break, and, you know, live a little. I love my shadowcasting activities. They are a different way for me to express myself and perform. I also think that doing this has made me a better poet by helping me be more unafraid to try new things and more comfortable around groups of people. I mean, if I can handle wearing a corset in front of thousands of people in downtown Columbus, I can handle a room full of poetry buffs.

So, back to poetry. I have been working on a rough draft of a piece. Tough piece, one that I didn’t think I would need to write… but sometimes you just have to. I did, also, submit work to Appalachian Heritage quarterly journal out of Berea College in Kentucky. I would love to eventually publish a book on my southern-ness. I have quite a few pieces, so there’s hope. Hopefully, AH will accept my work. My finger’s are crossed.