Some prompts I have been working on (feel free to pilfer)


Been thinking of some new things to write about. I have oodles of starts and ideas, but I am always adding to them depending on what’s going on in my life.

1. Write about a life’s dream that didn’t come true. At least, not yet, anyway. What is it? How long have you had it? Why hasn’t it come true, yet? Do you think it will?

2.  I write a “poet and her muse” series. Have about three or four at the moment.  Do you believe you have a muse? What’s your relationship like with it?  If you don’t have a muse… write about that. Why are muse lovers goofy? Have fun with it. Personify your muse, put it in wild scenarios.

OR… if you’re looking for a muse… write a want ad for a muse. What qualifications are you looking for?

3. “Write a painting”  Painter Karen Snouffer painted an entire series based off of poet Fred Andrles’ work.  So, what type of poem would you have painted? Write the story of a painting. Paint with your pen.

4. Number poem. Tell a story with numbers.

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