Life and Publishing Updates


Been rather busy these past few weeks. Mainly, it’s been job hunting; like it or not, 20 hours a week does not a decent paycheck make. But… BUT… I did find a full time job. I’ll be doing pretty much what I am doing now, but full time. 

I, well, am  happy to have this opportunity. There is a part of me, though… a part that looks at friends who have jobs that seem to be what they want. They can survive on their job, and they seem to do interesting things. At least, that’s what I read about and hear. And I look at my situation. It’s a job… it will do what I need it to do (i.e., pay the bills), but there is still something missing.

I can’t feel this way… I shouldn’t feel this way. I have bills, I have to live and survive day to day. I need a job for that.  I should be thankful. There is something in me that longs to have a job I want, though. One that can use my writing in ways that can help people. I know that job is out there. Right now, though, I have to focus on what I need to do to survive. And I have the job that will help with that. 

Anyway, on the publishing front, I have two pieces that will be published in Loch Raven Review  in a couple of weeks. This is the first time I’ve had multiple pieces published at once. Feels good to see it happen, finally. 

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